Artist: John Denver | Song: Grandmas Feather Bed

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John Denver, Grandmas Feather Bed Tabs

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Country Tabs > Denver John Tabs > Grandmas Feather Bed

Artist/Band: Denver John Tabs
Song: Grandmas Feather Bed Tab

words and music: Jim Connor
sung by John Denver

[D] When I was a [G] little bitty boy [D] just up off-a [A7] floor
[D] We used to go down to [G] Grandma’s house [D] every month[A7]end or 
[D] so
We’d chicken pie and [G] country ham ‘n’ [D] homemade butter on the [A7] 
But the [D] best darn thing about [G] Grandma’s house was her [A7] great 
big feather
[D] bed.  It was

Chorus: [D] nine feet tall and six feet wide [G] soft as a downy [D] 
It was[D] made from the feathers of forty ‘leven geese, 
Took a [E7] whole bolt of cloth for the [A7] tick
It’d [D] hold eight kids ‘n’ four hound dogs and a [G] piggy we stole 
from the [D]shed
We didn’t get much sleep but we [G] had a lot of fun on [A7] Grandma’s 
feather [D] bed

After supper we’d sit around the fire the old floks’d spit and chew
Pa would talk about the farm and the war and Granny’d sing a ballad or 
I’d sit and listen and watch the fire till the cobwebs filled my head
Next thing I’d know I’d wake up in the mornin’ in the middle of the old 
feather bed. It


[D] for one bar, [G] for a bar, and [A7] for a bar, then:
[D] Well I love my Ma, I [G] love my Pa, I love [D] Granny and Grandpa 
[A7] too
I been [D] fishin’ with my uncle, I [G] rassled with my cousins
I [D] even kissed [A7] Aunt [D] Lou
But if I ever had [G] to make a choice, I [D] guess it ought to be [A7] 
That I’d [D] trade ‘em all plus the [G] gal down the road
For [A7] Grandma’s feather [D] bed
I’d trade ‘em all plus the [G] gal down the road.....[A7]
It was


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