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John Denver, Children Of The Universe Tabs

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Artist/Band: Denver John Tabs
Song: Children Of The Universe Tab

Okay so it's not really country (and you might argue that its not
really good either) but here it is for what it's worth


Children of the Universe
Written and performed by John Denver on "Earth Day"

    Cmaj7                            Gm7
A Heritage of vision was given to us all
To smell the rose's fragrance, 
   Gm7                 Fmaj7
to hear the songbird's call
   Fmaj7             Cmaj7
To watch the distant moonlight 
         Fmaj7         Cmaj7
fill the coming of the tides
   Fmaj7           Cmaj7
To understand that life is more 
     Fmaj7            Am
than always choosing sides

G Fmaj7  Bb9

And some have seen what can be seen
Of sailing ships and kings
And some are given feet of clay 
    Gm7            Fmaj7
and some are given wings
Some must struggle just to breathe
Fmaj7              Cmaj7
Some have a golden spoon
    Fmaj7           Cmaj7
And some will never leave the nest
      Fmaj7            Am
While some walk on the moon

And don't you know the life that lives within the silent hills
Is just as rich and beautiful and just as unfulfilled
As man with all his intellect, his reason and his choice
Oh who's to say the nightingale has any less a voice

The silver dolphins twist and dance and sing to one another
The cosmic oceans know no bounds for all that live are brothers
The whip-poor-will, the grizzly bear, the elephant, the whale
All children of the universe, all weavers of the tale

So palomino lie back down and dream yourself to sleep
The hawk flies with the morning dove, the lion with the sheep
As far away as you may go, we'll never be apart
It's in your dreams that you will know
The seasons of the heart

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