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Billy Dean, Young Man Tabs

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Artist/Band: Dean Billy Tabs
Song: Young Man Tab

Young Man
INTRO: E B A (twice)

Mama cries Son, don't leave town
Find a girl and settle down
Well I hate to break her heart
F#m7                                    E
But that's not in the cards while I'm a young man

She says I could find a job
In the fields or on the docks
But I've always had a dream
F#m7                             E
To see all I can see while I'm a young man


B                             A                E
When I'm just an old man on a front porch in a chair
                                  C#m  B
Rocking with the memories from my past
                                           A            E 
The lines you see on my face should tell a tale of no regrets
               A                  B                  A    B  A (last time - to TAG)
I want to look forward to looking back on the race I ran
             E     B    A    E   B   A  
When I was a young man

I want to see those seven seas
Climb the highest mountain peak
Make it my career
F#m7 	  	  	  	  	    E     	 D/F#
To make the most of every year while I'm a young man


G 	  	  C
Daddy says young man
D 	  	    G     G/F#    C             D
I know you have to stand on your own you can't sit at home
G              C      D              G     G/F# C  
He says I understand, once I had big plans like you
        D         E     B  A
I was a young man too


A    B           A     B  A   B
Mama please understand
E                B    A     
I'm just a young man
           E     B    A      E
I'm just a young man 

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