Artist: Brian Davis | Song: Can I Come Over

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Brian Davis, Can I Come Over Tabs

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Country Tabs > Davis Brian Tabs > Can I Come Over

Artist/Band: Davis Brian Tabs
Song: Can I Come Over Tab

Capo 1

C - G/B - Am - G - F - G

C                 G/B          Am
Baby it's been a long day wanna shut it down
         G            F
Take the highway to your side of town
     C                G/B              Am
But lately its been so crazy with out you around
     G                       F
Don't hate me for wantin' to hold you right now
       Am                 G             F       G
And I know we said were no good for each other

                C               G/B           
But can I come over for just a little while
           Am              G
Don't wanna be alone baby not tonight
   F                C                      Dm
I know we said the last time would be the last time
Then wed let it end 
       C               G/B
But I need to feel the way it felt 
      Am                  G
When it was good before it went to hell
     F                                G      G#
And baby right now I really need your shoulder 
            Am - G - F
Can I come over

             C               G/B   
I'm glad you picked up don't hang up 
         Am              G              F     
Have you thought at all about us since I've been gone
     C               G/B             Am
Oh I wont lie baby I have tried to move on
              G                F
Well, she was alright but it was all wrong
    Am             G         F             G
Why can't we just push aside good bye for one more night


      C               G/B                     Am
Oh I need to feel the way it felt when it was good before 
    G                 F                               G       G#
It went to hell and baby right now I really need your shoulder
           Am - G
Can I come over 
   F     G
Ahh yeah 
             C  G/B - Am - G
Can I come over
 F    G
Can I come over

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