Artist: Brian Davis | Song: Another Mans Woman

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Brian Davis, Another Mans Woman Tabs

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Artist/Band: Davis Brian Tabs
Song: Another Mans Woman Tab

Capo 1

That old grape vine sure comes alive
     Am        G
In a small town when someones runnin' round
When they shouldn't be
                   Am       G
That motel ain't a no tell, motel
The gossip mill keeps turning till
   Am               G  
It finally hits the wrong ears
And the tears spill and the heart breaks
And that was more than I could take

And the front page showed it in black and white
The bed of my truck hanging out the side
        Am                         F
Of that dirty run down room off of highway 22
Drove my bumper slam up to the bed
Put my 45 against his head
And before I dropped that hammer down
       F                                       A  G  F  A  G 
I said you don't lay another man's woman down

Well now I'm sittin' in a 6'x9'
They talkin' about taking my life
But I don't care 'cause wrong or right
I did what I had to do
Loving that girl was all I had
And it's the reason why I'm where I'm at
The 6th commandment was my sin
But they 7th one did him in

Chorus X2

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