Artist: Clay Davidson | Song: One More Day

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Clay Davidson, One More Day Tabs

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Artist/Band: Davidson Clay Tabs
Song: One More Day Tab

Clay Davidson Ė One More Day

Em C G D Em C G A B C D G

          Em                   C
Iíve been down on my luck, and down on my last dime
G                              D
Feel like giviní up, feel like Iím out of time
        Em                             C    
But Iím gonna keep on tryiní till Iíve reached the other side
        G                       A  B   C    D   G
And Iím gonna make it happen no matter what the price.

                Em            G
Whatís One More Day of lifeís troubles
         Em               D
One more bridge I have to cross
         C              G F#m Em            
One more year of lifeís a-g-ing
C        D            G    F#m Em
How many more will it cost, oh Lord
        C        D            G
Tell me how many more will it cost.

Em C G D Em C G A B C D G

          Em                                   C
Well itís true that Iíve been lost, out in the pouriní rain
      G                             D
And I turned to the bottle, just to try to ease the pain
When youíre down to your last swallow 
And you lay your head to rest
G                               A      B C  D G
Dawn breaks itís another day it starts over again.

Em C G D Em C G A B C D G

   G            C        D            G
Oh Lord tell me how many more will it cost.


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