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Bobby Darin, Things Tabs

Bobby Darin Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Darin Bobby Tabs
Song: Things Tab

  Here's Bobby Darin's big hit 


[a]Every night I sit here by my window 
    Staring at the lonely ave]E7]nue 
[a]Watchin' lovers holding hands and [D]laughin', 
    [E7] Thinkin' bout the things
we used to [A]do. 

Thinkin' bout [E7] things [like a walk in the park] 
    [A] Things [like a kiss in the dark] 
[E7]Things [like a sailboat ride] 
    [A] What about the night we cried 
[D]Things like a lovers' vow, 
    [A]things that we don't do now 
[E7]Thinkin about the things we used to do[A][F7] 

[Bflat] I still can hear the jukebox softly playin' 
    A song about a love like we once [F7]knew 
now there's [Bflat] not a single sound 
    and there's no[Eflat]body else around 
and I'm [Bflat] thinking about 
    the [F7]things we used to [Bflat]do, 

Chorus and tag 
I'm [F7] staring at the lonely ave[Bflat]nue, 
    and [F7]heartaches are the friends I'm talking[Bflat] to. 

repeat the chorus, substituting  Bflat for A, 
F7 for E7 and Eflat for D 
Joe Batdorf

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