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Billy Ray Cyrus, Words By Heart Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cyrus Billy Ray Tabs
Song: Words By Heart Tab

Title: Words by Heart
Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
Album: This won't be the Last

Intro: G D C
(Note: Muted strumming throughout verses, open strumming throughout
chorus and bridge.)

      G                                 D
I was going through the closet, back in my old home
         C                       D
Found my lettermans jacket, so I slipped it on
G                         D
Deep in the pocket, still folded up tight
        C                    D
Was the letter you wrote, to tell me goodbye
    G                  D
The minute I saw it, I just had to smile
   C                            D
It smelled like old leather, as smooth as a child
  G                       D 
I took a deep breath, and put it away
          C                               D
There was no need to read it, I knew just what it would say

I know the words by heart
I know every line
>From this ain't easy
To you'll get along just fine
G                         D
I know every comma, every question mark
No I don't have to look
                 D  G
I know the words by heart

[End Chorus]

G                       D 
Scenes like old movies, flash through my head
    C                    D
The homecoming game, the night on my bed
    G                           D
The words that you wrote, still cut me in two
        C                         D
How you said you still cared, but that we were through

[Repeat Chorus]


Em                   C
Ain't it funny how a memory
G                       D
Can play tricks on your mind
        Em                       C
I don't remember a thing from my classes
          G         C     D
But I can quote you every line

[End bridge]

  G                       D
I took off my jacket, and put it away
          C                          D
With your note in the pocket, like I found it that day
G                      D 
Poured me a beer, then pictured your face
            C                            D 
And drank a silent toast, to things that time can't erase

[Repeat Chorus X2]

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