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Billy Ray Cyrus, Somebody New Tabs

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Country Tabs > Cyrus Billy Ray Tabs > Somebody New

Artist/Band: Cyrus Billy Ray Tabs
Song: Somebody New Tab

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                               Somebody New

As Perfomred By: Billy Ray Cyrus

Verse 1:   (Capo 2nd Fret)

G  |  Em  |  G  |  Em  |   

G    |                Em      |   C    |             D       |
   I wish you all the best, love       Love and happiness, love
G      |                Em    |      C     |      D    |
   And everything you'd ever want to have, see or do.

C      |               D        |
   And from the bottom of my heart, I

C  |              D        |     G    |    |   Em
   hope you never find somebody new.

G  |          Em     |  C      |                  D     |
   Anyone who tells you   that broken hearts mend easy.

G      |           Em        |        C   |        D    |
   Has never, ever loved the way that I have loved you.

C     |                 D           |  
   As long as there's a chance for us, I

C  |              D        |     G    |    |   |
   hope you never find somebody new


G      |           C         |           G    |   |
   You have not convinced me yet, you're gone

G     |           |            C         |     Am7   |  D   |
   My heart still says there's something going on

G      |       C          |       G  G/F#  Em  |
   And until I know we're finally through

C           |     D        |    G   |   Em  |   G  |   Em  |
 I hope you never find somebody new.          

Verse 2:

G      |              Em    |    C  |              D       |
   I'm acting like an actor,        Dancing like a dancer,

G      |                Em       |      C     |      D    |
   But when the curtain falls, I always call out for you.

C     |               D       |    C  |              D        |    G  | | |
   As long as I still love you, I     hope you never find somebody new

(Repeat Chorus)

C           |     D        |    G   |   Em  |   G  |   Em  |  G
 I hope you never find somebody new.

Submitted By:

Lynn R. Francis
Texas State Technical College
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