Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus | Song: Hard To Leave

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Billy Ray Cyrus, Hard To Leave Tabs

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Country Tabs > Cyrus Billy Ray Tabs > Hard To Leave

Artist/Band: Cyrus Billy Ray Tabs
Song: Hard To Leave Tab

N/C/                   G                                  C 
You heard the boss man call, I dread when that phone will ring 
     D                       G      D7 
Everytime, it's the same old thing 
               G                       C 
I got a job to do, but that's the easy part 
                      D                 G     D7           
What's really killin' me is this broken heart 

                G              C 
Hard to leave, tough to hold 
            D            G     D7 
Heartaches ahead, this I know 
         G                        C 
Missin' you, more than the air I breathe 
        D                   G    D7 
Easy to love, baby hard to leave      
C                   G 
This heart of mine, just wants to find 
C                  A7               N/C/
You all the time, with your hand in mine 
        D     N/C/                 G 
Easy to love, baby hard to leave, woo! 
G  C  D  G  D7 (repeat and fade) 
Say! I don't think I'm gonna be able to show up today! 
I'm not feeling too good! 
I mean, I mean, I'm feelin' real good, yeah! 
Woo!  Ah baby! 
I ain't gonna be sayin' goodbye today honey! 
Oh! Oh baby! You're hard to leave girl 
Hard to leave, hard to leave, oh you're hard to leave, oh you're hard to leave 
Hard to leave, hard to leave, hard to leave, hard to leave! 
Ow! You're hard to leave!  You're hard to leave! Oh you're hard to leave! Oh baby 
Hard to leave yeah 
Woo! You gonna give me an achy breaky heart before this thing's over! 
Woo! Yeah! Don't you what you're talkin' 'bout baby it's hard to leave! 
Woo! Oh! Oh Lord! 
I can't say goodbye now 
Woo! Oh you're hard to leave! Woo!

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