Artist: Chris Cummings | Song: Pamela Anderson Is In My Bedroom

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Chris Cummings, Pamela Anderson Is In My Bedroom Tabs

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Country Tabs > Cummings Chris Tabs > Pamela Anderson Is In My Bedroom

Artist/Band: Cummings Chris Tabs
Song: Pamela Anderson Is In My Bedroom Tab

Chris Cummings - Pamela Anderson is in My Bedroom 
Ooh! That Could Cost Him The Gold Bob

This tab follows the country version.
For normal version put capo on 2nd fret and use same chords.

Intro (2x)
   G     D    C G/B D

 G               D                 Em            C
This is the best relationship that I have ever had
 G                  D              Em                        C
And it only cost me eight bucks if you don't count with the tax
 G                 D              Em                 C
Girl, your hair was firey red, I made sure hers is blonde
 G                     D             C   G/B  D
And don't she have the cutest little swimsuit on

 G      D           C G/B  D
Pamela Anderson is in my bedroom
 G                 D               C           D
And if you don't belive me, have a look for yourself
    G           D             C
She won't ever leave me like you did baby
     Em          D/F#     C       G
Till I take her down for someone else
G G/F# Em          D       C        G
Till I take her down for someone else


You know they where sold out of Jenny McCarthy
And Julia Roberts she just had to much on
And I'm from Toronto and you're from Alabama
So I thought it might bug you she's canadian


 D                              Em        D      C
When I finally meet someone I think you oughta know
   D                            C G/B   D
That it will not be of you I'm letting go


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