Artist: Chris Cummings | Song: I Get That A Lot

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Chris Cummings, I Get That A Lot Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cummings Chris Tabs
Song: I Get That A Lot Tab

**Capo 3**

Intro: D  D/F#  G  A

D                     G
Big John at the diner said I looked tired
    D                       A
In need of a good night's sleep
  D                        G
Camilla the waitress said finish your plate
D                         A
Hungry or not you should eat
      Bm             G
Miss Evelyn took my money and then
     Em7            D/F#        G
She said it looked like I just lost my best friend

             G              D/F#
I get that a lot wherever I go
          G                  D
People I meet, somehow they know
     Bm           G     D         A
That I'm not the person I used to be
Bm              G           D          A
Something deep down is the matter with me
        Bm         D/F#         G
And it must not be too hard to spot
         D    G   A              D
Since I lost you,  I get that a lot

(repeat intro)

D                          G
My brother he talks about somebody new
    D                       A
My sister says it won't be long
     D             G
And nobody says a word about you
   D                         A
As if that will fix what is wrong
Bm                         G
Sometimes I feel like I'm wearing a sign
     Em7          D/F#      G
That says I'm the one that love left behind


       Bm         D/F#         G
Oh it must not be too hard to spot
         D    G   A              D  D/F#  G  D
Since I lost you,  I get that a lot


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