Artist: Nickel Creek | Song: The Hand Song

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Nickel Creek, The Hand Song Tabs

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Country Tabs > Creek Nickel Tabs > The Hand Song

Artist/Band: Creek Nickel Tabs
Song: The Hand Song Tab

Verse 1:
    F#                 G           
The boy only wanted to give Mother something
    D                    A
And all of her roses had bloomed.
F#                   G
Looking at her as he came rushing in with them
D                      A
Knowing her roses were doomed,
EM            F#            Bm  
All she could see were some thorns buried deep
        Em              F#           Bm         A
And the tears that were cried as she tended his wounds

CHORUS: (she)
          D           G     Bm  A
And (she) knew it was love
       D               G     Bm   A 
It was one (she) could understand
       D           G    
He was showing his love,
    Bm            A        D     G  Bm  A 
And that's how he hurt his hands.

Verse 2:
He still remembers that night as child
On his mother's knee
She held him close and she opened her bible
And quietly started to read,
And seeing a picture of Jesus he cried out,
"Momma, he's got some scars just like me."

CHORUS: (he)
(solos over a verse and chorus)

Verse 3:
Now the boy's grown and moved out on his own
When Uncle Sam comes along.
A foreign affair, but our young men were there 
And luck had his number drawn.
It wasn't that long till our hero was gone
He gave to a friend what he learned from the cross.


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