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Artist/Band: Cowboy Tabs
Song: Along The Santa Fe Trail Tab

Say, Pard, have you sighted a schooner,


Way out on the Santafe Trail,


They made it here monday or sooner,


With a water keg tied to the tail.


There was Daddy and Maw on the  mule seat,


And somewhere along by the way


Was a towheaded gal on a pinto,


Alongside the Santafe Trail.




2. I seen her ride down the arroya,


 Way out on the Arkansas,


With a smile like an acre of sunflowers,


And a little brown quirt in her hand.




And she rode like she carried the mail,


And her eyes, they'd set fire to the prairie,


Alongside the Santafe Trail.




3.  I know a gal down by the border,


That I ride to El Paso to sight.


I'm aquainted with a heart-flyin oder,


And I sometimes kiss some gals, Good night.


But, Lord, they're all ruffles and beadin',


 And afternoon tea by the pail,


Compared to the sort of stampedin',


That I got on the Santafe Trail.

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