Artist: Brad Cotter | Song: I Meant To

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Brad Cotter, I Meant To Tabs

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Country Tabs > Cotter Brad Tabs > I Meant To

Artist/Band: Cotter Brad Tabs
Song: I Meant To Tab

Capo 1
A                          Em7 
Things get in the way, the rush of everyday 
     D                        A 
The ordinary stuff we all get into  
A                      Em7 
Wouldn't it be sad, if all you ever had  
       D                            A 
Was a granite epitaph that said "I meant to"  

So any pretty woman I didn't take the time to kiss  
Any crazy thing I didn't do, I meant to  
Any dirty liar I didn't stare right in the eye  
And make him tell the naked truth, I meant to  
     A                            Em7 
I'm always on the run, things get lost some things get done 
    A                                G 
But if I didn't have all the fun I meant to, I meant to 
    D                                A 
And if I never came out and said to each and everyone I love  
     G               A  G/A    D 
How much I really do....... I meant to

A                        Em7 
Maybe this one chance is all we really have 
     D                             A 
And maybe all you got is what you get to  
A                            Em7 
Well I ain't gonna cry, I'll give it my best try  
      D                                A 
Then kiss the world goodbye and say I meant to 
A  G/A    D 
       I meant to 
A  G/A    D 
       I meant to  
If you want just play a regular G where the G/A is

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