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Artist/Band: Cory Clifford D. Tabs
Song: It's All Your Fault Tab

It's All Your Fault
By Clifford D. Cory  May, 2009

Capo V

I'm down to my last dime
Going crazy in 3/4 time
D                                  A
In a cantina on the south side of town
Rosalita is pouring
And Monalito is snoring
D            A            D
And I can't help falling down

Your beauty floats in front of me
Knowing you'll have none of me
Feelin I ain't worth a salt

In my heart I'm still wishin
But my minds gone fishing
And, Darlin', it's all your fault

G                             D
It's all your fault I feel so bad
G                           A
It's all your fault I'm so blue
G         D  G        D 
You were all I ever had
 A                          D
It's all your fault I miss you

D          A               D

Now my eyes are redder 
Than cold winter weather
In the desert down Mexico way

Drinkin myself blind
Drinkin you off my mind
But the memories won't fade away

Mistakes were made
Untruths were spoken
You didn't seemed too sincere to me

But when you said it was you not me
That's where the blame should be
For once we totally agree

Chorus 2X
A                                     D  
It's all your fault (I miss you)

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