Artist: Earl Thomas Conley | Song: Heavenly Bodies

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Earl Thomas Conley, Heavenly Bodies Tabs

Earl Thomas Conley Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Conley Earl Thomas Tabs
Song: Heavenly Bodies Tab

"Heavenly Bodies" 
Earl Thomad Conley
G                           Am                           D
Way up in the sky, moon and planets fly, comets streak 
and shooting stars fall down.
I'm just sitting here sipping on my second beer.
       D                                         G       D
and doing my star gazing on the ground.

Where all those heavenly bodies come out at night to play,
D                                                            G
Heavenly bodies that just take my breath away, yeah baby,
I'm gonna sit here from now until closing time,
        G                                  D                         G
just  working on making your heavenly body all mine.

verse 2:
G                                  Am              
Pretty blondes walk by, sexy smiles say hi,
      D                                                     G
But how's a man to choose the one thats right
then my eyes saw you and my body knew
      D                                   G          D
that I just found my angel for tonight.

repeat chorus
        G                                  D                           C     G
Just working on making your heavenly bodies all mine.

this is my first , i think this is pretty close. 
E.T.C. is the best if anybody has anymore of his songs please send em my
way .  ecspecially "What I'd Say"         

Please, support Earl Thomas Conley.
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