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John Conlee, Years After You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Conlee John Tabs
Song: Years After You Tab

Years After You
By John Conlee
Written By Tom Schuyler

        G                D  
I don't know if I can explain it 
               G                           D
'Cause there's really nothin' different at all 
    G                    D
The sun still burns, the earth still turns 
        Bm                       G  
And the winter still follows the fall 
  G                        D
I knew that it wouldn't be easy 
       D7                     G 
For my heart to find somebody new 
    Bm                       Bm/A               G
But I never thought it would still be broken in two
      A           D
These years after you 

They tell me time is a natural healer 
It kinda smooths the pain away 
But this hurt within hasn't yet given in 
And it's been over 2000 days 
I still remember the taste of your kisses 
And your eyes that were beautifully blue 
And I can still hear the sound of your voice 
When you said we were through 
These years after you 

D                         G
(Years after, years after you) 
I'm still cryin' 
D                         G 
(Tears after, years after you) 
          A                 G 
I'm still tryin' to make it through 
      A           D
These years after you 

There've been mornin's when I couldn't wake up 
There’s been evenin's when I couldn't sleep 
My life will be fine for months at a time 
Then I'll break down & cry for a week 
'Cause when I told you I'd love you forever 
I know you didn't think it was true 
But forever is nothin' 
Compared to some nights I've been through 
In these years after you 

Chorus & fade


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