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Song: A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home Tab

A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home--Confederate Railroad
written by Craig Wiseman and James Dean Hicks

Hope this is right.   Sounds good to me.

Capo II

Mamma's tears fell so easy
        A/F# D/F#      D       Dsus2   D
Daddy's handshake was strong
              D/A     D/F#  E           Esus4   E
Then I climbed aboard that Greyhound
                        D       Dsus2   D
Eighteen and glad to be gone
Took a rented room on Broadway
               A/F# D/F#    D     Dsus2   D
As I unpacked everything I owned
               D/A D/F# E
I found a note my momma left me
                        D     A
With a bible and a bus ticket home (it said)


One will get you where you're goin
                       D         D/F#   D
When you haven't got a prayer
And one will bring you back son
                             D      Dsus2   D
If your dreams ain't waiting there
You're out on your own now
                                D   D/F#   D
We won't be there to fall back on
                         E    A
But you know we're never farther
                    D                  A   D   Dsus2   D
Than a bible and a bus ticket home

The years have come and gone and taken
The only things I ever counted on
But I'm going back tomorrow
To lay flowers at their stone

I can almost hear my momma callin 
Sayin son come back where you belong
You've got all you need to get here
A bible and a bus ticket home


Feel free to add in other "sus" chords at your discretion.

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