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Slaid Cleaves, Keychain Tabs

Slaid Cleaves Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Cleaves Slaid Tabs > Keychain

Artist/Band: Cleaves Slaid Tabs
Song: Keychain Tab

transcr i ption by Dave Hancock

Numbers in parentheses are licks listed at end of chord/lyrics



I had plenty of keys on my key ring

A beautiful home I had everything

              C7                G
With a lovin' wife and a car to drive

                  (1) D                (2)
I came home from work every day at five

G                                         (3)
And one by one I started losin' them keys

               (4)                 D(5)   
My darling wife    I just couldn't please

            C7(6)             G    (7)
My boss got on   my nerves one day

            (1)  D             (2)
I knew that I    was on my way


          C               G
I lost my wife, I lost my home

        D                  G
Quit my job, and set out  alone

              C             G    (8)x8
With just one key on my key chain

          D              G    (9)
I'm gonna start all over again


G                                       (10)
She finally decided  we just couldn't be

                 (11)                 D  (12)
She wanted things     I just couldn't see

              C7(13)           G      (14)
She said, I'm tired  of waiting around

               (1)   D                (2) without s5
She took the last    train out of town

[Repeat chorus] (15) lead break


Well the bankers came and took the key to my home

Just one key left from all I ever owned

                 C                   G     (16)
I'm turning that key lettin' out the clutch

                (1)  D                  (2)
I never did like     this town that much 

[Repeat chorus]

(1)        (2)               (3)            (4)       (5)         (6)

Note for lick (5) : 

4s5  I fret the B string 3rd fret with my index finger and the G string 4th
     fret with the middle finger.  Then I hammer the B string 5th fret with
     my ring finger.  This could also be played using slides for both
     instead of the hammer.  I prefer the combo slide/hammer.

 (7)                        (8)          (9)

 (10)       (11)            (12)             (13)        (14)

 (15) lead break


                                                (16)                      Ending

I hope I didn't make any typos or note omissions.  If you find any, yell at me.

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