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Slaid Cleaves, Hearts Break Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cleaves Slaid Tabs
Song: Hearts Break Tab

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Get out of bed, put on your shoes
Make some coffee, turn on the news
[E]                                        [B7]
There's people dyin' cryin', singing the blues
In every age of the centuries' span
Wise men try to understand
[E]                [B7]               [E]
Why sorrow is forever the song of man 

Hope lives in the hearts of men
Hatred creeps in now and then
I hate to tell you kid, but it'll never end
Women cry as the men kill
Always have and always will
You know we're never gonna run out of blood to spill 

[A]             [E]
Hearts break, hearts mend
[B7]                      [E]
Pick up the pieces, you get up again
    [A]                    [E]
The sun comes up and the sun goes down
       [E]                [B7]          [E]
That's just the way the world goes around 

Lions kill and rabbits run
Men make bread and butter and guns
Death comes around to visit everyone
Empires crumble and fall from the
Twin towers to the wailing wall
One thing remains, the terrible beauty of it all 




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