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Slaid Cleaves, For The Brave Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cleaves Slaid Tabs
Song: For The Brave Tab

         G                     A                       D
You got off to a pretty good start,  you were on your way

          G                        A           Bm
With big plans and an open heart, workin' hard everyday

          G                 A             D                    Bm
But the storms came one by one,  and big plans came a crashin' down

                       G         A           D
You're tired of losing faith in everyone around

                 G                   Bm
So you hide your broken heart with a smile, 

   A                             D
pretending that there's nothing wrong

                   G                      D                 Bm
Brother won't you trust me for a little while, listen to my song

                     G               A
There will be better days, for the brave

                     D           Bm
There will be better days

                      G            A
There will be better days, for the brave

There will be better days

I know this world moves way too fast, it's hard to find steady ground
Life just keeps on slipping past, it's gone without a sound
I see you walk with your head hanging low, you stopped even wondering why
No longer trying to win, you're happy just to get by




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