Artist: Slaid Cleaves | Song: Call It Sleep

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Slaid Cleaves, Call It Sleep Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cleaves Slaid Tabs
Song: Call It Sleep Tab

Slaid Cleaves - Call It Sleep

Capo 3

         C                  C/B
You're a working man with a welders tan
  Am                F
A sky blue ford you bought second hand
    C                    C/B
You drive on down to the factory
     Am                              F
You drive on down because it's your job you see
 C                     C/B
Carry your thermos underneath your arm
        Am                    F
Little coffee and burbon will help you through the morn
    C                              C/B
You crack wise with the guys so it don't bring you down
 Am                        F
Time ain't nothing but the world spinnin round

You call it sleep
There's a car out on the four lane
You call it sleep
The rain on your window pane
Call it sleep
It's all the same

You stop off down at the palamino club
The neon sign says we've got your bud
It's a cinderblock building on a gravel parking lot
It's friday night your out to spend every cent you got
So you dance the floor with a mexican girl
She's got whiskey on her breath smoke in her curls
The hands holding ciggerates and faces you don't know
You sit at the bar until it's time to go


The morning air feels like mud over your eyes
The sun coming up is just a sixty watt light
Maybe leave this town and leave this life
Get in your car and you start to drive
There's boarded up building and places you've never been
Cars on the interstate that never seem to end
It all flys away with the wave of your hand
Like birds over water trying to find land


You're a working man with a welders tan
A sky blue ford you bought second hand

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