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Slaid Cleaves, Bring It On Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cleaves Slaid Tabs
Song: Bring It On Tab

 Bring It On

 Written by: Slaid Cleaves and Rod Picott

 CD: Broke Down

 Contributed by: Michael Gaither /


 The main hook in this song is a slide from G up to A#. To play it in open position, play G like this:


 G:Ź 320033


 ·and slide up to finger an A# like this:


 A#: 650066


 (That seems to work, anyway. Comments welcome.)


 Intro: G-A#, C-G, G-D


 (G)I know we donāt de(A#)serve to be (C)going down this (G)way

 (G)Pushed around and bound to troubled (D)days

 (G)And every time we (A#)stand up, (C)dust each other (G)off

 (G)I know we may be losinā but (D)we aināt lost



 (G)Bring it on, bring it (A#)on

 Iāve seen the (C)rain tumblinā (G)down

 (G)Iāve felt the cold wind blow, Iāve seen trouble hanging  (D)Īround

 Bring it on, bring it on


 Repeat same riff once before next verse: GA#, C-G, G-D


 (The rest of the song just repeats the same riff over and over.)


 Once I dreamed of riches, of happiness untold

 Now hopes lie scattered, trash along a lonesome road

 But I donāt ask for mercy, it just donāt work that way

 Today Iām down but hope will rise another day


 Repeat chorus


 All those little dreams that never came to be

 Well I keep your every teardrop down inside of me

 And as I watch you sleeping I hope that you still dream

 ĪCause lately when I wake up I donāt feel anything


 Repeat chorus

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