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Roy Clark, Daisy A Day Tabs

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Artist/Band: Clark Roy Tabs
Song: Daisy A Day Tab

SONG: A Daisy A Day
Written by: Jud Strunk
Transcription: K. Warner

1. He re-[C]mem-bers the first time he met her [C7],
   He re-[F]mem-bers the first thing she [C]said.
   He re-[F]mem-bers the first time he [C]held her
   And the [D7]night that she came to his [G7]bed. 
   He re-[C]mem-bers her sweet way of say-in' [C7]
   [F]Hon-ey has some-thin' gone [C]wrong.
   He re-[F]members the fun and the [C]teas-in'
   And the rea-son he [G7]wrote her this [C]song. (Chorus)

2. They would [C]walk down the street in the eve-nin' [C7],
   And for [F]years I would see them go [C]by.
   And their [F]love that was more than the [C]clothes that they wore
   Could be [D7]seen in the gleam of their [G7]eye.
   As a [C]kid they would take me for can-dy [C7]
   And I'd [F]love to go tag-gin' a-[C]long.
   We'd hold [F]hands while we walked to the [C]cor-ner
   And the old man would [G7]sing her his [C]song. (Chorus)

3. Now he [C]walks down the street in the eve-nin' [C7], 
   And he [F]stops by the old can-dy [C]store.
   And I [F]some-how be-lieve he's be-[C]liev-in'
   He's [D7]hold-in' her hand like be-[G7]fore.
   For he [C]feels all her love walk-in' with him [C7]
   And he [F]smiles at the things she might [C]say
   Then the [F]old man walks up to the [C]hill-top
   And he gives her a [G7]dai-sy a [C]day.  (Chorus)

   I'll [C]give you a dai-sy a day dear [C7],
   I'll [F]give you a dai-sy a [C]day.
   I'll [F]love you un-til the [C]riv-ers [E7]run [Am]still
   And the [C]four winds we [G7]know blow a-[C]way.

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