Artist: Guy Clark | Song: Watermelon Dream

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Guy Clark, Watermelon Dream Tabs

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Country Tabs > Clark Guy Tabs > Watermelon Dream

Artist/Band: Clark Guy Tabs
Song: Watermelon Dream Tab

E                                                            A
Well, the sun was hot and the dust rose up like smoke
          B                                                           E
So we hid beneath the elm tree and watched the watermelons float
E                       E7
There in a big 'ol tub of ice
              A                            A7
And we'd split em open with a kitchen knife
       E               C#m                     A      B        E
And everybody had a slice it was a watermelon dream

E                                      G#m
Ain't nothin' sweeter than a watermelon dream
A                                                        E
'Cept sittin on the front porch eatin' that peach ice cream
E                                     C#m
When life is really sweeter than it seems
F#m                                      B
That's what you've got to call a watermelon dream

        E                                                             A
With sticky hands and and faces we fought the yellow-jackets to a draw
             B                                                  E
Then we used the rind for second base and played a little hard ball
E                       E7
I don't know how much we ate
A                       A7
But we all got the belly-ache
       E                              C#m
And everybody stayed up way too late
            A      B        E
It was a watermelon dream


           E                                      A
Then a little after sundown we'd be runnin out of steam
             B                                           E
So we'd light a roman candle and try to hold on to the dream
E                       E7
Maybe slip out behind a car
A                         A7
Take a little tastes from a jar
E                                C#m
Then just lay back and count the stars
                      A      B        E
That's called a watermelon dream


[Thanks to Ivan Raczycki for tabs]

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