Artist: Guy Clark | Song: Mud

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Guy Clark, Mud Tabs

Guy Clark Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Clark Guy Tabs > Mud

Artist/Band: Clark Guy Tabs
Song: Mud Tab

Capo 4

Am                                        G
Down by the creek where the water goes slow
       F                                  C
The green-back heron and the moccasin know
Dm7                    Am
All things come to him who waits
        Bb           F       walk to Dm7 Am
Yet he is lost who hesitates
Life and death just dancing around in the mud
Am                                            G
The light comes down through the limbs and the leaves
        F                          C
And dapples the water between the reeds
      Dm7                      Am
The air tastes green the bank gets soft
    Bb                          F               Dm7 Am
Right about then your shoes come off
You got to get it between your toes the mud

C           G
Mud pie mud in your eye
Am                          F
Mud on a snake bite don't you die
C                      G
Take a little rain take a little dirt
Am                              F
Make a little mud get it on your shirt

Am                      G
When I die please bury me
F                       C 
Down by this old muddy creek
Dm7                  Am
Let the crawfish have their way
      Bb                       F        Dm7 Am
It's mud to mud and that's okay
We all just crawled out of the mud

Chorus 2x
We're all just slogging through the mud.

(Snake Rattle)

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