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Guy Clark, In The Jailhouse Now Tabs

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Artist/Band: Clark Guy Tabs
Song: In The Jailhouse Now Tab

I had a friend named Bill Campbell
He used to rob, steal, and gamble
           C                           G
And on the side he begged so he mopped up
Well, I told ol' Bill he shouldn't do it
And ol' Bill said that he knew it
      D                                          G
So he started begging with a bucket instead of a cup

Chorus 1:
He's in the jailhouse now
He's in the jailhouse now
Lord, ol' Bill flubbed his dub
When he wore a tuxedo to the country club
He's in the jailhouse now 

Yodel chords:
F   C   G   C

Ol' Bill had a gal named Sadie
And she said "Have you seen Bill lately?"
Naw, I don't believe that he's about
Well, ol' Sadie went down to the jail
It was just to pay his bail
And she whispered "Sheriff, please don't let him out!" 

Chorus 2:
He's in the jailhouse now
He's in the jailhouse now
Lord, while ol' Bill's away
Sadie's with the sheriff every day
He's in the jailhouse now 



You remember the last election
The prohibitionist was in action
Tryin' to elect themselves a president
And Bill Campbell and John Austin
They rode from New Orleans to Boston
And they bought them a bottle in every settlement

Chorus 3:
In the jailhouse now
In the jailhouse now
Lord, they caught 'em down by the railroad track
Stealin' the train just to haul it back
They're in the jailhouse now


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