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Gene Clark, Needing Someone Tabs

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Artist/Band: Clark Gene Tabs
Song: Needing Someone Tab

thank you Cheryl for the lyrics

Gene Clark      Needing Someone   written by Gene Clark

G                D
You say that you need
C               G
Someone you can depend on
G            C             G   F
I say that I need somebody too
   G                 D
So put your mind at ease
C                     G
You know that you can count on
G          C                   G  F
Me for anything you want me to do
Em            A           E
I should have told you before
               A                 C             F
But this time you got through to me so much more
F       D
So much more
G                D
You say that you need
C                  G
A way to make your mind up
G              C                G  F
I need to find out which way to go
G                    D
If you think you see me
C                     G
Then maybe we will windup
                  C                G  F
Bringing back the time that I miss so
Em             A                     E            
You know that there's so much we can do
              A              C 
We could have everything we need 
              F                            D
Before we're through and more before we're through

G            D
Ah, la la la la 
C      G
la la la

From Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers
Columbia Records

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