Artist: Gene Clark | Song: Couldnt Believe Her

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Gene Clark, Couldnt Believe Her Tabs

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Artist/Band: Clark Gene Tabs
Song: Couldnt Believe Her Tab

Thank you Cheryl for the lyrics

Gene Clark     Couldn't Believe Her    written by Gene Clark

A                                    A A7
You know I'm wanting to see her
            A                        A A7
I've looked all over town
          A                          A A7
Because I really did need her
            A                        A A7
That it was going 'round
Bm                                      Amaj7  A
Kinda gives you the feeling you've been used
Bm                                      G       E
When its only a matter of things that's been confused
          A                         A A7
Well now, she wasn't no loser
       A                            A A7
If you will investigate
A                                   A A7
But if you're thinking to choose her
           A                        A A7
You better think when its late
Bm                               Amaj7    A
I'm beginning to feel she's not around at all
Bm                          G       E
Had me running high strung, feeling small
F                                 D
Nobody could find her though they looked that day
What kind of though had designed her
Going out on a cloud
     A              E
They say that's the way she would stay
A                                A A7
Well, I couldn't believe her
A                                A A7
No, I couldn't believe her
A                                A A7
I couldn't believe her
A                                A A7
No, I couldn't believe her
I couldn't believe her

From Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers
Columbia Records

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