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Gene Clark, 1975 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Clark Gene Tabs
Song: 1975 Tab

thank you Cheryl for the lyrics

Gene Clark        1975     written by Gene Clark

E                             F#
With all the legends that the century sings
         A               E
And it's vision bring to life
E                            F#
While foreign waters breathe against the shore
        A                           E
And the wind plays ore it's rusted fife
C#m                  G#m
I see the ships of a friendly fleet
      A               E
And a song so sweetly sounding
C#m                        G#m
And gentle souls who think not to defeat
   A                         E
As across the waves they are bounding
E                                F#
And then the thoughts of all the days this time
          A                     E
They have been confined without reason
E                           F#
And in the matters of their health and wealth
            A                 E
They cannot be defined but as treason
C#m                       G#m
But go where and find the better life
          A                     E
As in the name of love you have freed them
C#m                             G#m
And those you need not you have left behind
              A                         E
And those you keep in mind you know to heed them
E                             F#
Across the bridge, across the river
            A          E
Where we've never been before
E                        F#
Within and out of worlds around us
           A                E
And in the light of finding more
C#m               G#m
We always easy understood that
          A              E
It was no good not to explore
C#m                   G#m
But never really understood that
          A            E  
It was no good just to ignore

From Gene Clark "White Light"
A & M Records

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