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, Hello, Rebekah Tabs

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Country Tabs > Cast Iron Filter Tabs > Hello, Rebekah

Artist/Band: Cast Iron Filter Tabs
Song: Hello, Rebekah Tab

Band:  Cast Iron Filter

Capo On 3

Main Riff (Played and repeated throughout the Intro and Verse)

Dsus2                             G / Dsus2                          Asus4

Dsus2                                      Gsus2        Asus4
Hello, Rebekah how you doing? Yeah, you're always on my mind
Dsus2                                              Gsus2           Asus4
You see the things that no one mentions. Yeah, you read between my lines
Dsus2                                       Gsus2               Asus4
Your memories are strong and vivid and your songs don't need to rhyme
Dsus2                       Gsus2       Asus4
Just like a queen without a crown
Dsus2                             Gsus2               Asus4
Ten minutes till midnight and I'm wondering where you are
Dsus2                Gsus2           Asus4
Maybe out on Highway 85 driving your car
Dsus2                            Gsus2                    Asus4
You might be in Tuscaloosa but I don't think you got that far
Dsus2                           Gsus2      Asus4
Maybe I should just buy another round

Chorus Riff:

Bm                 A               G            

Bm                            A                              Dsus2
-------------------2------------------------2-----------  Continue with main riff

Bm            A                G
And sometimes I dont know what to do
Bmin                        A          Dsus2 -->continue with main riff
Cause your breaking me and Im breaking you

Wake up on a Monday morning with a ringing in my head
Empty beer cans on the floor and a half pack of cigarettes
It's just another night alone I'm sleeping solo in my bed
I'm so tired of just fading down

Maybe we should pack our bags and move to San Jose
It's a little brighter there, cause round here it's always grey
It seems like such a friendly place, it'd only take a couple days
Baby, I gotta get outta this town

That plane to San Jose just flew
Cause you're breaking me and I'm breaking you

Can't seem to find you're touch and it's too late I fear
I can't seem to see myself when I'm looking in the mirror
I can't seem to hear your voice when you whisper in my ear
Sometimes I can't even hear a sound

Turn the corner on Bardstown Road and put my sunglasses on
I'm trying hard to make it home so I can pass out on the lawn
And all I can think of is that Cars song "Since You're Gone"
Thank the Lord I'm homeward bound

Sometimes I'm tangled up in blue
Cause you're breaking me and I'm breaking you
I love every single thing you do
Cause you're breaking me and I'm breaking you.


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