Artist: Jason Cassidy | Song: Sounds Like An Angel To Me

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Jason Cassidy, Sounds Like An Angel To Me Tabs

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Country Tabs > Cassidy Jason Tabs > Sounds Like An Angel To Me

Artist/Band: Cassidy Jason Tabs
Song: Sounds Like An Angel To Me Tab

Em           C                 G                        D
Sure was a blessing baby when you walked through that door
Em            C                   G                 D
I was on the wrong path Iíd been on to many times before
Em                C                G               D
My life was on a downward spiral spinning out of control
Em               C                             G              D
Thatís when you saved me from what could have been Iíll never know

G             D                        Am                    C
Cause people search their whole lives looking for love like this
G 	  	 D 	  	      Am 	  	       C
I found what forever felt like the moment that we kissed
G                D 	  	       Am 	  	      C 
Weíve both been down this road but we never did make it this far
G 	         D 	  	      Am 	  	  	  	 C
Till you took off your wings and you wrapped them around my heart
          Am           	           C 
You made me the person I need to be.
That sure sounds like an angel to me

I was on a dead street to a road going nowhere fast 
Thatís when you came along baby and you put it all in my past 
But I was in the dark so long that I couldnít even see
Without you here with me there is no telling where Iíd be


Solo (verse Chords)
Verse Chords

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