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Rosanne Cash, Runaway Train Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Rosanne Tabs
Song: Runaway Train Tab

Subject: CRD: "Runaway Train" (Rosanne Cash)
Date: 14 Oct 1993 07:38:33 GMT
Organization: University of California, Santa Cruz
Lines: 57
Message-ID: <29ivlp$g3i@darkstar.UCSC.EDU>

RUNAWAY TRAIN (Rosanne Cash)
[Actually in Bb; capo 3.]
[Each chord is half of a measure.]
[In the second and later verses, the D is actually more of a Dsus4.  In the
 first verse, it's hard to tell.]

G  C/G  G  D/G    G  C/G  G     D/G
[intro]                     I'm worried

  G        C/G  G     D/G       G     C/G  G     D/G
about you,        I'm worried about me;      The curves around

G   D/F#  Em        Em       D   C   D   D
 midnight    aren't easy to see;         Flashing

 G     C/G   G   D/F#         Em    Em   D      D
red warnings   unseen in the rain;         This thing has turned

G  G  C   D       G     C/G   G   D/G     G   C/G   G   D/G
 into   a runaway train.                                (Long-distance...)

Long-distance phone calls, a voice on the line
Electrical miles that soften the time
The dynamite, too, is hooked on the wire
And so are the rails of American Flyers

Blind boys and gamblers, they invented the blues
Will pay up in blood when this marker comes due
To try to get off now, it's about as insane
As those who wave lanterns at runaway trains

F       F         C     C   Am   D         G    G
  Steel rails and hard lives are always in twos
       F     F     C      B+   C     C         D      D   Dsus   D
I have been here before this,    and now it's with you

G  C/G  G  D/G     G  C/G  G  D/G

I'm worried about you, I'm worried about me
We're lighting the fuses and counting to three
And what are the choices for those who remain
The sign of the cross on a runaway train
This thing has turned into a runaway train
This thing has turned into a runaway train
Our love has turned into a runaway train

G  C/G  G  D/G
[Fade on instrumental]

Adam Schneider                   U.C. Santa Cruz 
              Your actions will follow you full circle 'round...

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