Artist: Rosanne Cash | Song: No Memories Hanging 'round

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Rosanne Cash, No Memories Hanging 'round Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Rosanne Tabs
Song: No Memories Hanging 'round Tab

A                      E
You don't want no more heartaches
D                    A
And I don't want no  teardrops
D            E            A
What else is love to talk about
Cause I  ain't yours you ain't mine
D                          A
The song don't fit and the words don't rhyme
D                 E               A
Old memories keep standing in the way
F#m          E
You lost her I lost him
D                          A
Two old hearts just won't love again
D                E                A
We don't need no memories hanging round


D                   A
Since she's gone it don't seem right
G                  D
Better off left alone at night
G              A            D
I ain't faking feelings far away
The days just come and dissapear
G                   D
You can't talk when I don't hear
G                A              D
It don't make no difference anyway
Bm         A
I lost her you lost him
G                          D
Two old hearts just won't love again
G                 A               D
I  don't need no memories hanging round
Bm         A
I want her you need him
G                  D
Two old fire won't burn again
G               A                D
We dont need no memories hanging round

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