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Rosanne Cash, List Of Burdens Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Rosanne Tabs
Song: List Of Burdens Tab

'List of Burdens' by Roseanne Cash

From the cd 'Ten Song Demo' on Capitol Records, 1996.

C          Am     G       Am       F
I'm coming home today, to hear the trucks roar,
Am          F               G
And lock my front door, and stare into your face.
C      Am     G       Am       F
Coming home today, to sleep in my bed,
Am                 F        G
And clear round my head and wander round this place.


   F            G                    F
So don't put my love on your list of burdens,
         G                   F
When I'm bringing it home to you.
             G                    Am
Don't put my love on your list of burdens,
         G                   C
'Cos I'm bringing it home to you.

I walked around this world, bathed in neon,
And needing no one, empty and disturbed.
You ran around this world.  It nearly killed me,
But you can fill me till I cry like a little girl.


Just don' last line of chorus, then
'Cos I'm bringing it home.

If I can just get there,
Lay the whole damn world at your feet.
I'd do anything to please you baby, 
To save yourself for me.


Am  F  Am  F  Em  Em Am  F  Am  F  G  G



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