Artist: Rosanne Cash | Song: Closing Time

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Rosanne Cash, Closing Time Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Rosanne Tabs
Song: Closing Time Tab

Bb              F
I was a fool to say it was over
Ab                      Eb
I was concerned with my pride
Bb                      F
The words are crazy and fall out of place
          Eb		     F
From this heartache I can't hide

Bb                  F
I hear your name in slow conversation
Ab                     Eb
I see your face in the crowd
Bb               F
My heart desires so many things
        Eb		    F
That my pride just can't allow

                    Eb              F               Eb
I'd close down this heart tomorrow, leave without a fight
F              Ab
Say goodbye to your sweet memory
         Eb                 Cm
If I can lie in your arms tonight
         Eb          F      Bb
If I can lie in your arms tonight

Was I the fool to think you would see me
When all I wanted was you
Then I saw your eyes go through those changes
And wondered how you knew

I hear your name in slow conversation
I close my eyes and knew
I'd never find a way to deceive you
I just can't let you go


I was a fool to say it was over

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