Artist: Rosanne Cash | Song: Ain't No Money

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Rosanne Cash, Ain't No Money Tabs

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Country Tabs > Cash Rosanne Tabs > Ain't No Money

Artist/Band: Cash Rosanne Tabs
Song: Ain't No Money Tab

Intro: A  D  F  G  C

Everyday now I hear people say
My ship is sailin' could be any day
G                                C
Any day now it might not feel so blue
My baby tells me stop and look around
If you ain't careful, hon, you're trouble bound
G						 C
Run home for cover and you might not find none there

He said there ain't no money in this runnin' around
Can't make money stayin' at home
          F                      G                   C 
And there ain't no future in the way that it feels today
           Am                         D
Baby there ain't no money, baby there ain't no money
           F                     G                    C
Baby there ain't no money in the ones that you really love

I try and tell 'em, baby, straight and true
No love or money tells you what to do
You're born to ramble baby that's what I was too
Just breakin' even if I lose
Ol' lucky seven put his hold on you
I got your number baby any way you move

Baby there ain't no money and that's for sure
Ain't no money behind no doors
And there ain't no trouble that a poor boy won't go through
Baby there ain't no money, Baby there ain't no money
Baby there ain't no money in the ones you really love

Am                 D7              F   G  C
No running around, just staying at home

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