Artist: Johnny Cash | Song: Where Did We Go Right

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Johnny Cash, Where Did We Go Right Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Where Did We Go Right Tab

Where Did We Go Right--Johnny Cash with the Carter Family
written by Dave Loggins and Don Schlitz

Corrections welcome, but this sounds good to me.

Capo II

A                D             A7    E
In a world where everybody's fallin apart
       A            E
One by one heart by heart
        A        D                A7       E
You and I, stay together and we never even cry
Side by side 

     D      A7     E-E7  A
In a world turned upside down
     Bm  Bm7     A-A7   E
Our love keeps spinning around
         A               D
And you know it makes me wonder
       E                   A         D
As the rest run for their lives
          E  E7 A                  D
Where did we go right
           E E7  A
Where did we go right

      A          D                 A7          E
At a time, when all the world is searchin for truth
         A                E
Is love real, we're livin proof
            A            D             A7     E
And what we have is what everybody's tryin to find
Peace of mind 


E              D        A
So many wrongs so many lovers
   Bm        A        D            A              E         A
I wish they all could know what we found in one another


D         E  E7  A
Where did we go right

CHORDS (relative to capo):

A 	 x02220
D 	 xx0232
A7 	 x02020
E 	 022100
E7 	 020100
Bm 	 x24432
Bm7 	 x24232

CHORDS (without capo):

A=B 	  	 x24442
D=E 	  	 022100
A7=B7 	  	 x21202
E=F# 	  	 244322 or xx4322
E7=F#7 	  	 242322
Bm=C#m 	  	 x46654
Bm7=C#m7 	         x46454


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