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Johnny Cash, The Sound Of Laughter Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: The Sound Of Laughter Tab

The Sound of Laughter--Johnny Cash
written by Harlan Howard
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Capo II


I stood there in the shadows as they went strollin by
Now she ain't my gal no longer, there's no reason I should cry
But I knew there went my future, and I couldn't stop the tears
       C                  D            G
At the sound of laughter ringin in my ears

C                                    G
I spent every dime I had on her and when it was gone
          C                                D
She said hon it's sure been fun, but it's time you moved along
So i stood there in the shadows, and I had my forty-four
I could hear her mockin laughter but she won't laugh anymore
Now I'm down here in the jailhouse and i know what brought me here
             C                D           G
It was the sound of laughter ringin in my ears


C                                             G
Well I guess I should have left this town and her far behind
        C                            D
For the way that she made fun of me keeps runnin through my mind
Well the jury showed no mercy and I never asked for none
'Cause I know I got it comin, I'm not proud of what I done
But down here in this darkness, more and more I seem to hear
     C                 D            G
The sound of laughter ringin in my ears
           C                  D            G
I hear the sound of laughter ringin in my ears 

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