Artist: Johnny Cash | Song: Six Gun Shooting

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Johnny Cash, Six Gun Shooting Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Six Gun Shooting Tab

Johnny Cash - Six Gun Shooting

A                                  D            A
Young Jessie don't know much but he's learning fast
                                 D            A
Ain't seen a man take to it like young Jessie has
                             D            A
He's a damn fool killer and I've seen me some
                             D        A
He born of woman boys he's a son of a gun

              Fm     E          A
And I don't think he even knows it
Fm    E                     A
Walks around with a half ass grin
Fm          E            D
If he feels fear he don't show it
                 E             A
Just rides into hell and back again

He's got religion boys I ain't heard him cuss
He don't spit tobacco but he's still one of us
He's got the manner of a fine gential man
But he can load a colt faster than anyone can

I swear he's shy and kind of quiet
Spending time on his own
He don't drink he won't try it
Just talks of mother heaven and home

He's got a thrity six cross his belt boys
C                               A
Carring a forty four forty carb bean
He's got a twelve gauge at his side boys
Fm     E           A
Six gun shooting at seventeen

Back in centraila why he stole the show
He was knocking them over all in a row
Remember the time he wore a gown
Road in a w***e house shot some officers down

We don't know why we're fighting
For him revenge is all it means
At seventeen he's a southern hero
But he's the strangest kind of man I've ever seen

Repeat Chorus 2X Fade out


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