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Johnny Cash, Rusty Cage Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Rusty Cage Tab

Rusty Cage - Recorded by Johnny Cash & Rick Rubbins
as noted, this wqas originally a Soundgarden song.  
Someone please PM me the songwritters and I'll add them.

(A5) low to high string 002200

You wired me awake 
And hit me with a hand of broken nails 
You tied my lead and pulled my chain 
To watch my blood begin to boil 

              (A5)    (G)  (A5) 
But I'm gonna break 
                   (G)   (A5) 
I'm gonna break my 

I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run 

But I'm gonna break... 
                         (D)        (A5) 
...I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run 

Too cold to start a fire 
I'm burning diesel burning dinosaur bones 
I'll take the river down to still water 
And ride a pack of dogs 

But I'm gonna break... 
But I'm gonna break... 

Riff during last verses: 


Hits like a Phillips head into my brain 
It's gonna be too dark to sleep again 
Cutting my teeth on bars and rusty chains 
I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run 

When the forest burns along the road 
Like God's eyes in my headlights 
When the dogs are looking for their bones 
And it's raining icepicks on your steel shore 

I'm gonna break 
I'm gonna break my 
                         (D)        (E) 
I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run  

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