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Johnny Cash, Meet Me In Heaven Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Meet Me In Heaven Tab

Meet Me In Heaven
By Johnny Cash

Capo 4

We saw houses falling from the sky 
          G                          D
Where the mountains lean down to the sand 
       G                             D
We saw blackbirds circling 'round an old castle keep 
      D                                A
And I stood on the cliff and held your hand 
We walked troubles brooding wind swept hills 
       G                              D 
And we loved and we laughed the pain away 
       G                            D            G
At the end of the journey, when our last song is sung 
         D          A          D
Will you meet me in Heaven someday 

G                           C        G
Can't be sure of how's it's going to be 
        G             C                G  
When we walk into the light across the bar 
    G                 C           G
But I'll know you and you'll know me 
    G       C        D
Out there beyond the stars 

We've seen the secret things revealed by God 
And we heard what the angels had to say 
Should you go first, or if you follow me 
Will you meet me in Heaven someday 


Living in a mansion on the streets of gold 
At the corner of Grace and Rapture Way I 
n sweet ecstasy while the ages roll 
Will you meet me in Heaven someday 

In sweet ecstasy while the ages roll 
Will you meet in Heaven someday

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