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Johnny Cash, Lumberjack Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Lumberjack Tab

L. Payne

/ = single strum

Key: Bb / CAPO: 1st / Play: A

  A/                     D/ A/
I lived on a farm out in Iowa
  A/                                  E/
I pulled the corn and I worked in the hay
    A/                              D/
Got trapped by a girl but I wiggled free
          A             E       A
Heard the Oregon timber callin' me

A                                 D     A
Will you tell me something Mister Lumberjack
A                                   E
Is it one for forward and three for back
E     A                         D/
Is it two for stop and four for go
A/                       D/      A/
Boy ask the whistle punk I don't know

Well I learned this fact from a logger named Ray
You don't cut timber on a windy day
Stay out of the woods when the moisture's low
Or you ain't gonna live to collect your dough


         A                      D          A
Well you work in the woods from morin' til night
A                                   E
You laugh and sing and you cuss and fight
E  A                          D/
On Saturday night you go to Eugene's
         A                  E           A
And on a Sunday morin' your pockets are clean


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