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Johnny Cash, Joe Bean Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Joe Bean Tab

Joe Bean
written by B. Freeman and L. Pober
taken from the album "Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison" (Columbia/Legacy reissue)


Spoken to audience before playing:
  -Last time, last time we were here at Folsom Prison, they were hanging Joe Bean.  Is Joe
   still here?   Hang the son of a b***h anyway, right?

SPOKEN over C:

  Well they're hanging Joe Bean this morning for killing a man in Arkansas
  Funny thing about it, Joe Bean has never been to Arkansas
  And on top of that, Joe Bean never heard of the man
  In fact, today is Joe Bean's twentieth birthday

             C                                           G         
See thru the prison bars Joe Bean, see where the gallows stand
     F                            C                      G                    C
Just twenty short years from the day you were born, you die by the hangman's hand
            C                                                          G7
Yes they're hangin' Joe Bean this mornin' for a shootin' that he never did
     C7                      F                   C       G7    C
He killed twenty men by the time he was ten, he was an unruly kid
             F                       C                  G              C
Yes they're hangin' Joe Bean for the one shootin' that Joe Bean never did

C                                                           G
Well Joe your mother is at the capitol askin' the governor for a stay
          F                      C                    G         C
And it's hard on her, 'cause she knows where you were, on that particular day
          F                     C        G                 C
You were working Joe Bean, hard working, robbin' the Santa Fe

          C                                                           G
Well the telegraph wires are hummin', here the governor's words come thru
           C7                       F                      C       G7         C
He said I can't set you free, it's not up to me, but this much Joe Bean, I'll do
     F                   C           G                    C (stop)
I'll join your mother in extending birthday greetings to you
Happy Birthday Joe Bean 

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