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Johnny Cash, I Wish I Was Crazy Again Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: I Wish I Was Crazy Again Tab

I Wish I Was Crazy Again--Johnny Cash featuring Waylon Jennings

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Capo I

Intro: E

E         A               E
I met an old friend this morning
      B                A            E
And I stopped him and called him by name
I said the years haven't changed you
                 A               E
But he said good Lord how you've changed

E                     A             E
So we stood there and talked on the corner
    B               A            E
And remembered the good times we had
Then he asked if we're happy together
           A            E
And i only smiled and i said

N/C       G        A       D       Dsus2-D
Yes, she, keeps me off the streets
        G        A      D         Dsus4-D
And she keeps me out of trouble
G             A              D           G
Sometimes at night lord when i heard the wind
  Bm         A      D     Dsus2-D
I wish i was crazy again
      Bm         G      D
yes i wish i was crazy again

(change back to E)

Then we stopped in at a tavern
We had us a round or two
We called ourselves old desperados (old desperados)
As old friends are likely to do

We sat for a while and remembered
Then he said let's have just one more
I said i'd sure like to join you
But i'd best be going on home

CHORUS (2x) 

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