Artist: Johnny Cash | Song: Hurt

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Johnny Cash, Hurt Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Hurt Tab

[This is a personal transcription i made 6 monthes ago]

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Intro (x2) :


Am    C         D     
   I hurt myself today
   to see if I   still
   I focus       on the pain
   the only thing that's 
   The needle    tears a hole
   the old fa----miliar sting
   Try to kill it all away
          C       D       G          
   but I remember everything

Chorus :
Am          F             C        G
What have I become?   My sweetest friend

Am          F           C          G
Everyone I know   goes away in the end

Am                     F         C       G
And you could have it all   My empire of dirt

Am              F             C        G
I will let you down   I will make you hurt

Replay Intro

   I wear this crown of thorns
   upon my liars chair
   Full of broken thoughts
   I cannot repair
   Beneath the stains of time   
   the feeling disappears
   You are someone else
   I am still right here

Replay Chorus
      Am           F      C              G
If I could start again   A million miles away
  Am           F         G           A
I would keep myself   I would find a way

[Thanks to frenchieRomainB for tabs]

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