Artist: Johnny Cash | Song: Drink To Me

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Johnny Cash, Drink To Me Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Drink To Me Tab

Recorded 7/24/58 Nashville, TN
Songs of Our Soil (1959)

KEY: C# / CAPO: 1 / PLAY: C

 C            F            C            G                     C
(Drink to me, drink to me, drink to me, drink to me, drink to me)

C           F        C             G
A rose a carnation a lillie and an orchid
C           G         C                  G
Make such a pretty bouquet (Drink to me, drink to me)
C            F          C         G
But only the orchid was worthy of you
     C             G       C
So I threw all the others away (Drink to me, drink to me)

Then you took the orchid and you breathed on its pedals
    D              G
And after a day or two 
    C             F             C               G
The flowers still bloom but the scent's not the orchids
   C           G        C
It carries the savor or you

(Drink to me, drink to me, drink to me, drink to me, drink to me)

So if you're gonna drink to me drink with your eyes
And I'll never cry for wine (Drink to me, drink to me)
Or leave a kiss in an empty coffee cup
Then pass if from your lips to mine (Drink to me, drink to me)

Cause I've got a thrist burning way down in my soul
And honey from a sugar tree
Is not have as sweet as the air that you breathe
Honey come here and drink to me 

(Drink to me, drink to me, drink to me, drink to me, drink to me) 

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