Artist: Johnny Cash | Song: Cocaine Carolina

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Johnny Cash, Cocaine Carolina Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: Cocaine Carolina Tab

Johnny Cash - Cocaine Carolina

C                           F
Morning found me lyin' on a floor in New Orleans
G                                            C
Looking like the patches was about to eat my jeans
Feeling like my belly was a warehouse for the blues
      G                              C
And I sure miss my sweet Cocaine Carolina.

F                         C
Better on an ocean liner, call the Cocaine Carolina
G                                           C
She was quite a lady then, and I was twenty-two
F                                C 
God knows how much I adored her, I just never could afford her
G                                        C
Cocaine Carolina how did I get hooked on you.

   F                         C
So goodbye Cocaine Carolina, you and I are through
G                                                   C                                 
I'm going back to Sandy Skag she knows just what to do
F                               C
She don't love me for my money, she just wants my body honey
G                                         C
Cocaine Carolina, how did I get hooked on you.

   F                            C
Oh someone said if I was lucky, I could go back to Kentucky
G                                              C
Lexington was famous for its bluegrass and its hills
F                          C
Carolina we should get up, don't you know we'll have to split up
G                       C
Baby I should go to Californ-ia.

Chorus: X3

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