Artist: Johnny Cash | Song: A Backstage Pass (to A Willie Nelson Show)

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Johnny Cash, A Backstage Pass (to A Willie Nelson Show) Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cash Johnny Tabs
Song: A Backstage Pass (to A Willie Nelson Show) Tab

A Backstage Pass (To A Willie Nelson Show)
written by John R. Cash

Spoken: Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.  
        One night, I had a backstage pass to a Willie Nelson show.


            D                      A
There were wackos and weirdos and dingbats and dodos
     E                            A     A     A7
And athletes and movie stars and David Allan Coe
          D                          A
There was leather and lace and every minority race
         E                                 A
With a backstage pass to the Willie Nelson show

A                                 E
Kristofferson got an offer for a movie
Promotors closed another deal or two
Waylon got a call from his son Shooter
    G                              E
And he went home the minute he was thru
A                           E
I moved with the mob at intermission
To the Green Room where you see who you can see
There were has-beens, would-be's, and never-were's
A                 E                A
Paupers punks and millionaires and me


Hell's Angels blocked the traffic to the building
In order for the beer truck to come thru
And waitin' in the wings to sing with Willie
Were hopeful stars of flickering magnitude
There was a singer Willie knew back in the fifties
Who once paid him 50 dollars for a song
There were women who once did and some who still would
I heard one ask "did Connie come along"


I wish you could've been there
Oh, maybe you were!

A    D  E  A 

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